Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Half-Way Party

Today, we reached the half-way point: 755 nautical miles behind us (1,359 kms). We've been a week at sea and survived a gale. The winds have died down, and we are going an average of 2-3 knots, which is quite slow in comparison to the rest of the week. Uncle Kurt and Pim took out the water-tank that was leaking and drained it into a big plastic tub in the cockpit where we could bathe or wash our hair. It was heavenly!!!!! I've never appreciated a "shower" so much!!

Then we had our half-way party, for it is 1, 316 kms to Beverage Reef, the next time that we will see "land", er...submerged coral. "Land" is a bit of a stretch when it comes to this incredible place, which is an old volcanic crater under the surface, which has grown a coral reef on top of it.

Our party consisted in drinking port, eating cake,  and opening a card which Auntie Marie had given us for the half-way point. She had surprised us by getting it signed with well-wishies from all of our loved ones. It was a delightful surprise!

Note: As it happened, the wind was a bugger again, and blew us away from Beverage Reef and Niue (our original first stops) and straight to The Kingdom of Tonga. We sailed by an actual active and still-smoking volcano :)

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