Saturday, February 16, 2013

Operation Spread the Love - Part 2

Last year at this time, my former fiancé and I had recently gone separate ways. Feeling pretty grief-stricken, I decided to do something constructive: Operation Spread the Love. I made valentines and gave them out to strangers - street bums, lonely-looking people, and anyone who appeared sad in downtown Ottawa. It was so much fun, that I decided to do it all over again here in the new and lovely city of Victoria on Valentine’s Day this year.

It's a lot easier on the laid-back West Coast! I gave out almost two dozen of them within a very short time, and people glowed and laughed and thanked me! One lady was a bit defensive at first, thinking I was targeting only lonely-looking people, but she thawed a bit when I said they were for anyone! Another couple chased me down afterwards and asked me why? So I explained that it was a tradition to Spread the Love a little bit. Another ricketty old man, sitting alone, was really happy to get one, but only after I assured him that there was “no agenda” and “no cost” behind it. I gave out about five to girls in a hair salon, who squealed and “oooo-ed” for a bit. Another to a guy at a kiosk, and a sunrise broke over his tired and bored-looking face.

Afterwards three friends from uVic joined me, bringing dozens of packages of home-made cookies, which we gave out to all the buskers and street people that we could find (there are many of these in Victoria because the weather is so warm).

A great way to spend Valentine's Day :)


Flying Squirrel said...

Sweet Lizzie! Although we were snowed-in in Combermere, I thought about Operation Spread the Love, and we all wished we could be in Victoria (where there are daffodils) spreading valentines with you. We miss you! You're so awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful idea for valentine's day! I am definately inspired.
God bless,