Thursday, June 14, 2012


Two bedraggled children – Tony and Louis – shuffled into the living room yesterday, leaving little damp foot-prints behind them. They stared shamefacedly down at their feet, shoulders slumped and hands behind them, as water dripped off their noses and trickled through their sodden clothes onto the floor.
“Teacher,” Tony confessed to Jonquil, not daring to look up, “Teacher......we........went in the pond.” The pond is a deep and wide pool behind the house. It is the muddy home of crayfish, salamanders, frogs, and turtles and seems to have a magnetic pull on the little boys. They are fascinated by all the exotic creepy-crawlies that they can find there. “Teacher,” Tony continued, “We were trying to catch crayfish, and..........we.......fell in.” They were so afraid of getting in trouble that they could hardly believe it when all the adults started laughing at their sorry plight.
Louis gave me his version: “Teacher, we were walking in the water and very fast it was deep." So, I said, “What did you think when you hit the drop-off?” He said, “Oh, teacher, I cannot tell you the feeling. It was like when you see ghost or monster. I thought I would die (he's a little bit melodramatic).”
Then I heard Tony's version: “My legs are stuck in mud, and Louis is nearly back on the shore, so I pull him back because I didn't want to get behind. Then we make plan. We get water-guns, and play with them and no one know that we fall in pond.” The little fellows broke down, however, and confessed their brush with death.
These two are rather mischievous. One day last camp, Tony discovered that his toothbrush was wet, and he suspiciously asked Louis why. Louis told him that he had scrubbd out the toilet bowl with it, and Tony was furious! Louis was forced to apologize, and when he dutifully did, Tony replied, "I forgive you, Louis, I scrubbed out the toilet bowl with your toothbrush too." Then they were both furious. Then they both forgave each other.

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