Off to BC

So I've given notice at the two different music studios where I work. In one, my bosses kindly said they understood and would be sorry to see me go but would take me back any time. In the other, there was a good deal of crazy, dramatic upset, and words to the effect of "You don't care about your students...." and "You're leaving them in the middle of the term (I gave months notice for a part-time job I had no contract with)," and "I won't give you a reference". I was ready to walk out several times after hearing this. All these hilarious little people (I have over 30) have frusterated and entertained me for almost 2 years now. I've seen very tiny ones learn not to fall off the bench, others learn to have rhythmn, and others get excited about their songs. I will not miss it although I will miss them. There is a vaaaaaaast difference between being a musician and teaching music, and I learned that I prefer the "being" part. It's kind of like the difference between having a degree in literature and reading books compared to teaching someone the alphabet.

It is very sad to leave Ottawa and everything here even for just the summer, but exciting to be heading off to BC. First the luxurious Okanagan Valley, then the wild hinterlands of the Rockies in Valemount where I was born, and finally, the lovely Vancouver Island where I will be teaching and beaching with even more little people (Korean ones this time. Little people seem to be my lot in life :) I intend to climb and explore mountain peaks and go night swimming in the ocean. I have gotten a camera, so I will post lots of pictures......especially of the mountains.


Maria said…
I'm Leo's wife. I hear stories about your clan growing up:). Nice to find your blog :).
Lizzie said…
Wow! I have such wonderful memories of Leo's family and especially his mom's amazing creativity. That's really cool to hear from you.
John O'Brien said…
I'm glad you're off on a new adventure, Liz. Beautiful B.C. seems like just the ticket. I hope you keep up the blogging while you're out there, as you're an excellent and entertaining writer. -John
Maria said…
Yeah, Monica is just as creative as ever. She is teaching Catechism to church children these days, and really gets into it. Only Juliana is left at home. Randall is about to retire next year. Leo and I are going off to TAC. Leo was pretty inspired by your father's work. Now he is going to start writing his own icons and doing other art. Quite the adventure we are starting on, too bad we are just not leaving the Seattle area, you would have been close enough to visit...
Lizzie said…
Hi John, I have every intention of blogging while I'm out there, but it will probably be picture heavier than word heavier! I am sure that there will be a lot of hilarity teaching English as a Second Language!

Hi Maria, the last time I saw Julianna, she was in a carseat! Wow! I think Jonathan was too. Good luck on your adventure. Sunny California? That's great about Leo's icons.

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