Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Unfortunate Incident with a Smelly Piano

Recently Jay-Jay and Tabitha's father bought them a new piano. The children were very excited. When they went to pick it up, the house they bought it from had a suspiciously foul smell hanging in the air. However, they quickly forked over several hundred dollars and then carted the instrument out. After a great deal of expense and effort, they installed it in their living room. Unfortunately, the curious odour, which they thought they had left behind them, appeared to be radiating in strong waves from the piano. Jay-Jay and Tabitha rallied and attacked the piano with a bottle of febreeze, but to no avail. The smell became so pungent after a while that the children refused to practice. Then they refused to go near the instrument or the living-room any more. I suggested that perhaps there was a dead animal inside, and Jay-Jay said, “Well I'm sure not looking.” I asked Tabitha what exactly the smell was like. Her face paled, and she replied in a whisper, “Like nothing I've ever smelled before.” Finally, the parents were getting quite upset because the smell was penetrating the whole house. The last I heard, Jay-Jay's dad took a sharp tool to it and hacked it to pieces. Tabitha told me that the piano is now a mangled heap of wood, pedals, and strings lying by the curbside. I've heard that the snow has melted away from it in a circular patch; there have also been some complaints from neighbours who think that there is a sewage leak somewhere in the area.

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