Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little People

My music students: even the troublesome ones are great!

1. Wolfgang Amadeus: My six-year old composer; he gets the recognizable gleam in his eye of the artist whose creative juices have begun to churn; he composes and writes music during uncontrollable waves of inspiration.

2. The Prince: he regally sits at the piano bench and uses phrases like "but of course" or "if you wish." Seems mildly annoyed by statements of the obvious or simple reminders and on his own initiative learns advanced pieces in a startlingly short amount of time.

3. Earnesta: My six-year old little girl with bright blue eyes. During her lessons, she tells stories of boggling exploits, injuries, and activies, which include (but are not limitted to): winning twenty goals in half an hour (she is the best on the team), having a sudden, mysterious eye problem that made it difficult for her to see the notes, and setting up a stand in the park where she does magic tricks and paints peoples nails....even in the winter time.

4. Tina: A teeny-tiny girl, who had to be lured out first from behind a potted plant and then out from under the grand piano before her lesson. Then she refused to cooperate unless I let her perch on the edge of the bench and addressed her as though she were a bunny rabbit. I taught almost an entire lesson to a bunny. She hugs and kisses me violently before leaving every time.

There are many more....all of them very dear and interesting little people, but I'll describe some later....

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Flying Squirrel said...

Ha ha ha! Oh Lizzie, you should start writing short stories about these little peeps. I love the caricature of "Tina"! Hilarious