Operation Soloara

I got safely to Honduras and am living in the city of Comayagua, which is about two hours away from Tegucigalpa. I spent the last six days on a mission project in the mountains on the border of El Salvador. We spent hours in the bus and then some more on foot to get to a remote mountain village where they have no electricity or hot water and the priest only makes it to say mass every once in two years. In fact, some people there had never seen a North American missionary or heard of Canada before. I was on a team of Honduran young people and we led youth retreats while living in conditions that were like a green bure military rescue operation...I am back in Comayagua right now recovering and getting clean! We are heading out on another three-day mission. The city here is pretty wild...with coils of razor wire even around little shack homes in order to protect themselves from crime.


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