Los Arcos—Day 6

Today I got such a burst of energy, and much of the pain in my knees disappeared. I've been walking through orchards—olive and wine fields—over red cracked earth and pebbly paths. At one point, I came to a spot where there was a stretch of wire fence for about 1 km, and woven into the fence were hundreds of grass, twig, and stick crosses. So of course, I wove one in too. People are so kind along the route, directing me to fountains and pointing me in the right direction if I ever step off the path (without even my asking :)). I spend a lot of time singing Irish ballads—you can't help but sing when you're alone and independent, walking through the countryside.

The sun came out with baking heat—it was gorgeous. I met an old priest in a great flowing cassock walking along the path, and he told me all about JPII's funeral. He was so kind—he carried my pack for me over to a nice spot where I could take a rest.


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