Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mountain Men

Time was running short and Erica was SO sick, so Roger heroically offered to run ahead so as to make it back to the capilla on time. I over-confidently offered to go too as I was supposed to give the charla on prayer—que horror! So, I set off confidently, Roberto accompanying us. These mountain-bred men run up vertical slopes with great ease. I think of this march as one of the most grueling experiences in my life. I had given my bag to R. and things were going chirpy—I was chatting with Roger until we got to the waterfall and I was thinking, "Man! A break already?!" But then Roberto gave me back my bag and I realized they were just wetting their hair—we were all splashing around—in preparation for leaping like gazelles up the mountain. Such agony struggling after them. They practically ran up the mountain, and I was determined not to get lost behind in the maze of paths. Then when things straightened out and the chapel was in sight and I was alive and still with my two mountain guides—my steps were each offered in gratitude to God....Afterwards, I overheard Milton say, "Ella es como un hombre!" (She is like a man. I took it as a compliment :)

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