Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Palace of Kings

Susannah (a doctor) and I went to a very ritzy hotel, called the Palace of Kings, which used to be a hospital for pilgrims. Years ago it was allowed to become a hotel on the condition that it gave out 10 free meals to pilgrims 3x every day. So I went with Susannah, two grubby little pilgrims, and had a delicious meal complete with as much wine as we wanted, all for free! Carpe Diem!

Note: They ushered us through the ritzy courtyards and glamorous polished salons, past the stares of wealthy patrons, down through back stairways, deeper and deeper into the working quarters of the hotel, until we finally reached a tiny cafeteria/dining room. The size of the meal was just as lavish, however, as the decorations up above.

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