Portomarin—Day 26

I stopped in Sarria and had salad with Ester. Then went to mass and afterwards chatted with the English family that are traveling with their two children and two mules for baggage (very dear :). Next day I walked to Portomarin, a gorgeous town overlooking a great bay where the original city lies buried beneath the water.

Who should show up, but my Spanish friends—Laura and Juan and Juan! They showed up about 2, then they left around 4. After around 1/2 an hour, I don't know what possessed me but I walked after them—another 12 km's! Madness. In the rain too....Well, we didn't reach the albergue until nearly 7 p.m. However, Juan #1 (the one who looked like Jesus) made delicious tea, and I sang for them. This morning we had fun walking, singing, and chatting. We passed a Eucalyptus grove where I picked leaves and saved them to bring home and make tea in Canada.

It is wonderful to be young, happy, and independent. "Be not afraid." — John Paul II.

Juan #1 is incredibly generous. For all the days I was hiking with the young Spaniards, he was often dashing off to buy chocolate, cheese, or bread for all of us. Other times, he would stop and gather all sorts of strange-looking flowers and plants to make delicious tea. Laura is so much fun—always laughing and singing. They say I sing like an angel, and we always sing for each other. When I travel with them I never pay for anything because they are always quicker with their money.


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