Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thoughts on Waves

The waves keep on coming, one after another, hour after hour. Sometimes we glided smoothly over gleaming sea hills while at other times, giant crashing waves fought around us for hours. Ups and downs! Lifting the boat high and then sending it flying back down a watery slope. Somewhat like life :) Troubles and thrills. Ups and downs. Problems and solutions. Forks in the road, and decisions to be made. Mysteries and sorting-outs. Questions and answers. It seems never-ending! When one thing passes, the next looms up.

Thinking about the waves out at sea helped me realize that the trick isn't trying for there to be no problems, mysteries and questions. There's no point in being angry and frightened by the next wave. Or trying to figure out just how we're going to get over a wave that hasn't even arrived yet.  How will we make it over this monster? What is past the horizon? That's just part of it - not knowing and not being able to see, yet believing, having faith that we're getting there. After all, the boat was made to float and ride out any storm! It's about learning to surf the waves, to trust that we're made to get through it and onwards to our destination. Futhermore, I do believe that all our answers come to meet us if we keep moving forward. We're not meant to cling in fear to the shore, and if we were always in simple, flat water, how boring would that be? We'd never get anywhere, and never know what we are capable of. The waves keep on coming, and each one seems more fearful and impossible than the last, but we're made to float, to ride, to survive, to thrive, and to find exhilaration in the wild impossible roller-coaster ride of life!


Flying Squirrel said...

Lizzie, just catching up on your blog finally. What a wonderful adventure. Thank you for journaling, it's such a treasure. I can't believe you got to keep your kava.
XO Mary

Elizabeth O'Brien said...

I know! I distracted them with an apple from New Zealand, so they forgot I mentioned Kava. I spent so long looking for the apple that they just told me to move on. Haha! It's the weirdest feeling, drinking this stuff and then getting your mouth anaesthetized!