Thursday, May 7, 2015

Waves at Sea

The first two to three days at sea were spent fighting the horrors of sea-sickness. Imagine being on a wild amusement park ride that keeps going for 24 hours! After I started to feel better, however, I went outside in "foulies" (= rainproof gear) to enjoy the ride. We're always harnessed in, so I could safely sit on the centre-box of the cockpit and experience the bucking bronco of a little ship as it climbed and lunged up and then over the giant waves.

There are two kinds of waves: the surface wind chop (about two metres high) and then the enormous sea-swells, which are the hills and valleys that make up the great undulating prairie scape that is the sea. Altogether the waves were 3, possibly even 4 meters at their highest.

It is especially startling at night-time as the ship climbs (sometimes sideways) up these small mountains of water, obscuring the moon and the stars momentarily, and then diving back nose wards again into a trough. Moving about is difficult as you can imagine, and I got more than a few bruises!

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