Ship Sounds

Happy Birthday Willie! To the first O'Brien grandchild - the coolest kid to make an auntie proud. The storm calmed and the weather changed in our favour, producing sunny goodness and Southerlies that started to blow us northwest towards the Kingdom of Tonga. We dried off everything, cooked and ate (for the first time in a while) and napped. It was soooo nice! I've discovered how lovely the ship sounds are. The ship sings to itself. Uncle Kurt thought it was me singing, but it wasn't. I've heard it too. There are the deep creaking noises of the hull and the sharp twanging of the rigging, but it's something else. You can hear soft, almost human-like sounds from various parts of the boat underneath all the other louder noises. It's like the boat is talking to itself. Perhaps it's the rushing water somewhere or maybe just the softest of creaks, but there are gentle, mysterious sing-song noises that accompany us. It's delightful to go to sleep to.


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