Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tony and the Falcon

Poor little Tony has been told and teased multiple times that he looks like a piglet. Unfortunately, this has sunk very deeply into his impressionable little pysche. Anyways, the boys had been studying falcons and other birds of prey, so Jane decided to take them to a local birds-of-prey sanctuary, where they could watch the falcons and bald eagles swooping around. When they arrived, Louis, the smaller of the two boys, was ecstatic. He is naturally very curious and spent hours investigating the critters in the pond out back, drawing birds, and voraciously learning as much as he could about local wildlife. Tony, however, was petrified. He had read that bald eagles eat small animals, which includes small rodents, which probably includes little-boys-who-closely-resemble-piglets. Tony is small and round and very cute, and his nose is slightly upturned, but he very definitely looks human, and eagles are smart enough to tell the difference between piglets and cute little boys. Nevertheless, the poor child was so scared that an eagle would make a meal out of him, that he was almost frozen with terror and anxiously looking over his shoulder out of the corner of his eyes (hardly daring to turn his head) until they left the bird sanctuary.

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Anonymous said...

D'awwww, so cute (and sad!) Love your blog, Lizzie! ♥