Saturday, March 9, 2013


I moved from house-sitting in a creepy old house with a sordid history of crime and a high-tech alarm system (another story), to a cozy apartment on the edge of Fernwood, the funky village within Victoria. Fernwood, as I mentioned before, is the hang-out spot for artists, musicians, and Bohemians. Community gardens are a source of food for the people who live here, and the musical gather in the gardens to play together on Sundays. I've moved in with a potter - a wonderful, adventure-loving, and peaceful girl. Our place is filled with clay mugs, pie-plates, plates, vases, jugs and anything else that can be whipped up on a potter's wheel.

Here are some pictures of the "pink snowstorm" or "cotton candy trees" in Victoria:

This is for you Mary and Will - the street is right next to my home:

The Fernwood Inn:

The Belfry Theatre in Fernwood:

Funky Victoria architecture:

Craigdarroch Castle (a little fairy-tale castle on a nearby hill):

And...more cotton candy....


Katie Hanlon said...

I've been to Craigderroch! It's lovely. One could imagine Tolkien in the smoking room and Bertie playing billiards ;)

Lizzie said...

Cool! I haven't gotten inside yet, but I was imagining Rapunzle on the Balcony, and Sleeping Beauty inside the Turret :) I hope you can come out for a visit sometime soon Katie. Love, Lizzie

Katie Hanlon said...

Man, I'd love to Lizzie. I wish I had the funds to do everything in one year! Grrr. As it is, I'm doing a short holiday to England next month, and then back to the dear old River this summer for some "messing about in boats".

Lizzie said...

Well, you're always welcome here!