Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well, several people have been asking lately that I tell them about the swing-dancing here. The specific style is called Lindy-Hop, which originated in Harlem, New York, and involves a pulsing foot-work that is almost primal. The dance is upbeat and fun, and the dancers tend to be upbeat and cheery too. You can't help being a bit bouncy and happy when you spend several hours a week dancing to Big Band music :)
The dance itself is all about connection between partners: sending and receiving subtle messages so that you have effortless transitions between moves.
Then there are the aerials, or “air-steps”, which means lifting, jumping, and being hurled in the air. This is terrifically fun and involves a lot of hilarity when things go wrong! We usually try to have "spotters" (people to catch) just in case anyone slips when working on the flips! Here are pictures of some of them:
Fancy Dip:

The Frankie Flip:

The starfish:
Once you develop a taste for swing-dancing, you run the risk of it taking over. Places so far that I have swing-danced include (there are no limits!): - a subway restaurant
- a bus stop
- a basketball court
- the park
- the kitchen
- the roof of the university bookstore
-in the public fountain
-the ferry to Vancouver
-the deck of a sailing boat
PS. I'll try and add some actual pictures of the dancers and swing-dancing here soon. I keep bringing my camera and then forgetting.....