Monday, June 4, 2012

Attack of the Llamas

Today someone left the gate open, and all of the llamas escaped from the neighboring farm. We stared out the window in disbelief as a herd of five llamas galloped across the back lawn and then disappeared into the woods. Jonquil ran to alert the neighboring farmer, and while she was gone, the llamas appeared out of the woods and trotted into the backyard again. They munched happily on the grass. Then the old farmer showed up puffing and panting, and together we chased them around in circles and finally off the property. About half an hour later, I set off in my car to pick up some supplies in town, and about half a kilometer down the road, I faced the same herd of llamas! They were galloping round the corner and down the side of the pavement towards me. Not far behind them, the same old farmer was in hot pursuit, this time driving his little red truck! Between bears and llamas and wild peacocks and baby deer, you never quite know what will show up around here :)

The escaped llamas frolicking in our backyard.

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