Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sydney Guiding

Forty young guides who are on fire for Christ are gathered here together from all over the world. We are training to be tour-guides in Sydney for the length of World Youth Day. We are staying in a hostel by Bondi Beach, a wide sweep of white sand overlooking the Pacific. We've wandered all over the city--the bus routes, trains, paths, streets, parks. Things are more familiar now...The Aussies are very friendly, although the people we pass in the streets are not receptive to the fact that their city is about to be invaded by however many billion energetic pilgrims.

Together my group marched from North Sydney over the Harbor Bridge to the Ranwick Racecourse with crowds of other pilgrims--a 5.5 mile hike. The sun was rising as we walked high above the harbor and gleamed on the petal-like roofs of the Opera House. Waving palms are sprinkled between the buildings, ships putter in and out, and the railway stretches like a sci-fi motor-way in between the buildings.

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