Driving in Tegucigalpa

We ate breakfast and drank coffee in the back of the truck as the sun was rising--Daniel from Siquatepeque and Andrew from the US. Then we had to push the truck downhill to get it going again. Rather, they pushed while I steered.

In the wild narrow streets, a crowd of street workers hitch a ride in the back of the truck, then deceive us about directions so we go where they really want to go, banging on the back till we let them off. Asking directions again, we get sent totally the wrong way (deceived again because Andrew and I are gringos). Then a while later, we run into our first crowd of "friends" who laugh and tell us we are totally in the wrong part of town. Then the man hops on board (one of the ones who had first deceived us), giving directions till we get there. Then Andrew pays him so he can catch a bus back to work.


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