The Good Ship Mehitabel

After crossing the Pacific Ocean, docking off in Hawaii, and spending years in the Cook islands, the Mehitabel has finally come to rest in New Zealand. The pilot house house is warm and sunny with Auntie Marie's bright, home-made cushions. The charts, maps and mugs, boxes of tea and jars of supplies all have their spots--neatly stowed. Even the stove has hinges so that you can cook in unruly seas without spilling. On Saturday, we held a fabulous music party in the ship with a group of local friends. Fiddles, guitars, and singing for hours. We sat chatting in the dimly-lit hold, a big pot of Auntie Marie's stew bubbling on the stove. We ate the stew and mopped it up with bread then munched our crisp and pie. What fun!


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