Burgos to Hontanas—Day 12

I hiked up, up, up, and away from the big city through miles and miles of windswept grass fields where the earth was white like snow. The sun was hot, but the wind was strong—just how I like it. I descended into a little valley at the far end of which was a town. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the place. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, the valley floor was like a green sea of rippling grass waves. On my way down, the trail was blocked by a great herd of sheep, several sheepdogs, an old shepherd and a mule. I chatted with the man for a bit, then just before I left, he kissed my hand! After crossing several kilometers of more windy peaks and grassy floors, I came to Hontanas—another tiny village where there is 2 albergues, and a beautiful church, but no stores for food :(


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