Friday, April 15, 2005


Today as we walked, we passed through a tiny village that was like Hobbiton. A whole street of houses built into the bank. While the front of each was brick and stone, the walls and rooves were dirt and grass—the hill itself. poking out of the rolling green, were little chimney of stone. Today the weather forecast was snow and rain, but ha, ha! Not a drop. On either side of me were big, black, bulging rain clouds. In fact, it was pouring to the right, but up above it was clear! The sky looked like a track—clear over my head and with two long lines of dark ominous clouds on either side. It looked like someone had take a giant stick and cleared a path for me all the way to Leon!!! Right now I am staying in a convent in Leon. I got to go to the end of vespers with the nuns.

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