Monday, April 18, 2005

Astorga—Day 19

Life—the Camino—has been very good. Yesterday I walked with an awesome girl from Catalan. We sang, sang, sang. Me first in English then her in Flamenco, and then us both. U2, Cranberries, Dido or something like that. It's funny to hear someone who doesn't know a word in English belting out slang and good grammar. That afternoon, I visited the Cathedral of Astorga, passed by the palacio of Gaudi, and generally took it easy. Went to mass with some nuns in a convent near the hostel. This morning early I watched the stars because I was sleeping under a skylight. I saw two comets and a long, glorious shootingstar. This morning I saw a rainbow. The countryside is gloriously beautiful. Right now, I'm in an old but beautiful albergue—with a fire!!! and hot water. EVERYONE converged here! Even the dear Italian with the pipe.

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